SANSPAREIL Soap Gift 聖沛雷爾 香皂禮盒 / 美妝

Brand Positioning Communication:SANSPAERIL is a French word meaning "unparalleled."The core value of the brand demands the ultimate cleaning product experiences,and the products are designs from the perspectives of care for the people and the earth to reflect the high-value communication of viewing life with a serious attitude.
Brand Image Strategy:The crown is used as an irreplaceable symbol of honor for the brand image.The VI design visually illustrates the corporate concept by outlining the abbreviation of the brand in the shape of a royal emblem as the overall plan and application of the brand identity design system.
Package Design Concept:The round shape of the soap is designed for the best fit in the palm in hopes to convey the care and protection of a gentle coating.The single flower bud origami sheet packaging showcases the splendor of a blooming flower and the unique and charming fragrant when opened.The gift box focuses on brand recognition and positions the product amidst the gorgeous and elegant flower design.The Restrained and calm dark-blue tone creates a refined taste of low-key luxury.
Package / 2017
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Wang Chia Ying
Lin Chieh Hui
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