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澎湖青年聯盟品牌名稱為 PENGHU GOOD YOUTH,簡稱為 P.G.Y,以澎湖為主要設計概念,採用湛藍色為品牌色系。透過品牌,我們希望呈現澎湖年輕人的活力、創意及熱情,同時強調澎湖的自然美景與碧藍海洋,讓更多人認識並熱愛這座美麗的小島。品牌設計概念以海浪為主要元素,並選用簡潔、現代感的字體,呈現年輕、充滿活力、具創意的形象。此外,P.G.Y品牌涵蓋多款澎湖青年特色商品,包括風茹鹽、珊瑚草糖、蘋香國寶茶、魚網編織袋、魚尺、海漂魚磁鐵、手帕等,透過這些商品,向外推廣澎湖的獨特文化和自然風光。

The brand name of the Penghu Youth Alliance is PENGHU GOOD YOUTH, abbreviated as P.G.Y. The main design concept is based on Penghu, with a brand color scheme of cerulean. Through the brand, we hope to showcase the vitality, creativity, and passion of the young people in Penghu, while emphasizing the natural beauty and blue ocean of Penghu, so that more people can know and love this beautiful island. The brand design concept is mainly based on ocean waves as the main element, and uses simple and modern fonts to present a youthful, energetic, and creative image. In addition, the P.G.Y brand covers a variety of Penghu youth specialty products, including Wind Mushroom Salt, Coral Grass Candy, Pineapple Fragrance National Treasure Tea, Fishnet Weaving Bags, Fish Measuring Rulers, Drift Fish Magnets, Handkerchiefs, etc. Through these products, we promote the unique culture and natural scenery of Penghu to the world.
Branding / 2023
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Wang Chia Ying
Lin Chieh Hui
Lin Chieh Hui, Wang Chia Ying,劉士華
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