tiān shuǐ yuè 天水玥 秘境鍋物殿 / 餐飲

本案建築空間具有強烈之東方風格,主位矗立一巨型大佛,因此VI設計挑戰在於如何創造一得以傳達空間氛圍之對應視覺意象,針對空間主要調性「大氣雍容」,我們選擇以代表東方美學之書法字體加以詮釋。 天水玥三個字的書法字形簡潔有力道,有別於其他或繁複或纖細之揮灑風格,容易閱讀、且帶點文人的優雅氣度,看那筆觸仍遊走於方矩之間,僅穿插少許飄逸姿態。 大氣雍容該如何配色?因空間氛圍內斂不外放,因此選擇「霧金」做表現,再加上同屬低調有份量的「藍黑色」,以互為對比之特質構建出一套兩色的視覺辨識系統,供業主做二分法之延伸運用。

Design idea:This design has strong Chinese and Buddhism style. We use Chinese calligraphy --- a feature of Chinese arts --- to creat a grand and majestical atmosphere.The characters of 「天水玥 (tiān shuǐ yuè)」 in Chinese show conciseness; compared with other Chinese characters, their structures are not so complicated. They exhibit a kind of literati elegance, classical and graceful.How to represent grandness and majesty? We choose modestly gorgeous「matte gold」to convey our ideas. Then we add「atroceruleous」which holds calm and reserved character to build a two-tone visual system.
Branding / 2014
Creative Director
Art Director
tiān shuǐ yuè 天水玥 秘境鍋物殿
Wang Chia Ying
Lin Chieh Hui
Lin Chieh Hui, Wang Chia Ying
Sky Hsu
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