Bonne ! Jazz ice town 啵!爵士冰城 / 餐飲

爵士冰城以“聚”樂部概念,溝通定位品牌整新的訴求,重塑兒時福利社歡樂時光,打造愉快歡聚的休憩場所,創始於高雄十全國小附近的冰飲店,曾經陪伴著許多莘莘學子一同成長,既是大朋友的懷念味道,也是小朋友們的好味道,成為朋友之間輕鬆交流的地方,以及簡單吃喝享受片刻的選擇,更是適合親子共同歡聚的複合式餐飲。 1. 商標設計說明:依循“聚”樂部品牌定位,保留爵士冰城時光記憶,以「JAZZ ICE TOWN」之名稱,結合吸管圖像反映餐飲服務內容,營造出輕鬆鮮明的視覺風格,重新地轉譯過去的老舊意象,展現既熟悉且具新意的價值。2.色彩運用說明:使用雙色搭配的運用表現,進行販售產品資訊系統化,紅色系為油炸物食品,藍色系為冰、冷飲品,溝通色彩直覺的意識,展現品牌獨特的魅力。
JAZZ ICE TOWN focuses on the concept of“collective” joy.To communicate brand position and target,The fun and joy of childhood must be recreated, And reproduce a venue of joy and laughter.JAZZ ICE TOWN was founded near Kaohsiung Shihcyuan Elementary school And accompanied many children as they grew up.They provided flavors that were familiar to many adults,And great delights for many younger patrons.JAZZ ICE TOWN is also a place where friends can hang outIt is the perfect choice to have some good time and great dessertAnd offers great set meals for the entire family. 1.Logo design:The concept of GATHERING is used for brand positioning.And retain the great memories at JAZZ ICE TOWN.The name JAZZ ICE TOWN combines images of straws that reflect food services While building a relaxing yet distinct visual style. That reinterprets and conveys historical images.And builds a familiar yet novel brand value.2. Color utilization Two-color combinations were used in the presentation,To systematically convey product information.Red is used for fried food items,While blue is used for icy desserts or cold beverages.Color designs are used to communicate intuitive concepts.And demonstrate the product’s unique charms at the same time.
Branding / 2019
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Bonne ! Jazz ice town 啵!爵士冰城
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